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Why de Vries exclusive car painting?
De Vries car painting is a family owned business with over 40 years of experience in painting cars. After the establishment in 1980 from car repair service at "de Beeke" in Erp, the first generation build a new workshop with the modernst equipment and technology. This family business has grown through the years, and is always ahead in innovation, working with the best trained experts and a constant attention for the best quality!
Expert in restoring and painting exclusive cars is the second generation Tijmen de Vries. For over 30 years he is closely involved with the craftsmanship and employees from de Vries Exclusive car painting. In 2015 Tijmen started to specialize himself more to the exclusive cars. "We are experts in painting, and we are known for our high customer quality and progressive innovation". Our family business is always active in improving, new developments, working with the best materials and according to strict factory requirements to keep a high standard for these exclusive cars. This is why you can rest assure that the level of quality of painting cars is unsurpassed!

Exclusive car painting services

Did you know that we are allowed to repair your exclusive car at more then 95% of all insurance company's! For more information contact us.
Carbon Fibre Repair
We are specialists in carbon fibre reparations.
Structural Aluminum
We are specialists in aluminum reparations.
Collision Repair
Repair work of exclusive cars according high factory standards.
Transport Service
Pick up and delivery service.
Exclusive Projects
spyker brug
Read more about this unique Spyker C8 Spyder project in the color "black olive green"
spyker staand
Read more about this Ferrari F430 project
Our clients
I am super satisfied with the work Tijmen delivered on my Mercedes G-Class. When I am gonna start another project, Tijmen will be the man that get the paint job done!

Lars Kool

Classic Young Timers is purchasing and selling exotics cars, if the cars have imperfections on the paint we always go to Tijmen to fix this job. Trustworthy company to work with!

Maurik van de Heuvel CEO Classic Young Timers

Together with SpykerEnthusiast we took this big project with a challenging timeline to de Vries car painting, he did a amazing job with my car, i can say for sure he (pop) nailded it!

Dhr Waleed Car Collector

We brought our special car to Tijmen because we heard he is an expert in the more exclusive cars. Our car had a bit of corrosion on the back, he painted that panel without any color difference with the rest of the car. We are super happy with the end results and the trailer service!

Fam Berz Car Collector

Tijmen is a very dedicated specialist in his line of work. He can paint a car with his eyes closed! Have had multiple cars in his service. Really trustworthy a-dress for get a paint job done.

Dhr Simons Car Collector

Over the years De Vries has worked over a dozen Spykers for me and the level of work has never disappointed me; from a small aluminum oxidization repair to a complete body respray. Even the most difficult paint schemes to pearl color was always done flawlessly. I can recommend Tijmen and his team to everyone.

Jasper SpykerEnthusiast